Dutch Les Miserables Fans Unite

Dutch Les Miserables Fans Unite!

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And here is something we’ve worken on for a few months, including costumes, music mix, choreography and the idea itself, : our Les Miserables act for Imagicon. 

lapieuvrebleue as Jehan, dweo as Feuilly, me as Enjolras, and my girlfriend as Grantaire.

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The cake I’ve just made fot the Dutch Les Mis fans picnic tomorrow. It’s hard to see, but it has the names of all thr amis on the side of it. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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The first Dutch Les Mis fans meet-up shall take place on Sunday the 25th of August in Utrecht

Figured it’s time to let this circulate again as we’re nearing the date.
I’d like to ask the members of this group to please reblog this message, so we can reach more people.

What? Meeting of Les Miserables fans who are currently in the Netherlands (or willing to travel)

Who? Anyone and everyone is welcome, for more info or if you want to join the meet, please either send me an ask, or join the facebook group and the event: www.facebook.com/groups/379236782194696

You don’t have to speak Dutch to join us, you only have to be able to get to the meeting location.

When? Sunday, the 25th of August

What time? Starting at 12.00

Where? Utrecht

What are we doing? Suggestions are welcome, but definitely a flashmob and a picnic (if the weather allows).

How much does it cost? It’s free, but if you want to participate in the picnic you should bring food and/or drinks.

Dressing up as your favorite character is not compulsory, but a lot of fun and strongly encouraged.

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Dear Dutch Mizzers,

This week we’ll be deciding on a date for a meet-up of Les Miserables fans. It’s going to be a nice picknick in the park (in Utrecht), maybe with some additional activities. The most votes so far have been for Saturday 6th of July, Saturday 24 of August and Sunday 25th of August. I you want to join, you still can. Just let me know you’re interested and tell me your preference for day/days.

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Do I really need to send you all asks personally just to get you to tell what suits YOU? Look, I don’t want to sound frustrated, but the reason I set this thing up, is so we could interact and plan together, instead it feels like I’m shouting at a brick wall. I get the feeling I’m annoying you guys just by asking and should delete this blog alltogether.